Kenya’s React to the Power Blackout in Most Parts of the Country

Most parts of Kenya were in darkness following a widespread blackout on Tuesday night. Many counties or some sections of the counties experienced the blackout.

Obviously, Kenyans had something to say as this comes after people have been complaining over their over rated power bills.

Below are some of the hilarious tweets that Kenyans tweeted on KPLC’S twitter handle:

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Arnelisa Muigai Responds To Claims Of Snatching People’s Husbands

Anerlisa Muigai responded harshly to a lady who has been attacking her on social media with claims that she snatched her man.

Njokie posted on her Instagram photo “Say Hi to Don. His wife is still crying a river to God to have his husband back to her and their baby.”

In her reply, she defended her man and had this to say to Joy Njokie :

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[PHOTOS] Check Out Mishi Dorah’s Beautiful Children

We all know Mishi Dorah as the most controversial character in the popular reality TV show Nairobi Diaries. Mishi Dorah is also a proud mother.

During the Christmas season, she flew to Kisumu to spend the holidays with her family and introduced her kids to her fans.

She posted:

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Noti Flow Needs Your Help On Deciding Between Prezzo And Mustapha

It seems like Noti Flow was torn between both Prezzo and Colonel Moustafa.

In a bid to decide on whom to date, the seasoned Nairobi Diaries actress tasked her fans with choosing a man for her to date.

Over the weekend, the rapper took to her Instagram to ask her followers to vote between ‘The Prezident’ and ‘Lipunda’ aka ‘Uncle Ukwaju’ aka ‘Tall Mnyama’, and all other aliases included.

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Cyprian Nyakundi’s Boy Child’s Campaign Flops

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi’s much hyped campaign for the boy child has been dealt a major blow after fellow men disappointed him.

Nyakundi who has been posting blogs on his social media pages opened a Paybill number following a public demand from his male followers who were supporting his campaign.

Just an hour after opening the pay bill number, the boy child campaigner was greeted with shock after only a handful of men sent Ksh. 28,000.

The move forced him to discontinue the collection.

It is extremely demoralizing working with a group of men, who pressure me to get a Pay Bill, then turn around and trash-talk it. I cannot be getting accusations of pyramid-schemes for such small amounts of money. In this regards, I’m discontinuing this project,” he stated.

Claims of the campaign turning into a pyramid-scheme were also rife amongst the same people who were demanding for a Pay Bill.

Men’s money is reserved for alcohol and betting. I am now starting to doubt that you are even resisting sending Slay-Queens money. This has been quite an insightful experiment. Men talk loudly but deliver zero,” he wrote

A disappointed Nyakundi further encouraged the boy child to continue betting and investing in their Slay-Queens.

He also called on the people who sent money to the pay bill number to DM him so he can send back the money.

Some of his followers however cheered him on asking him not to give up on the boy child.

Some however laughed at him terming his campaign as efforts in futility.

Comedian Eric Omondi Arrested At JKIA

Comedian Eric Omondi felt the long arm of the government after he was arrested on his way to the airport Monday morning.

Running late, he did what many Kenyans would and decided to break a traffic law. Left with very few options in the traffic-laden Mombasa road he decided to overlap but woe unto him someone was watching.

A traffic officer on a motorbike, who explained what he had done, flagged him down. He still managed to pull a funny stunt as he jokingly drove away in handcuffs.

’Haki huyu polisi ananishika ati overlapping na nimechelewa Airport.’’ He posted.

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Nyota Ndogo’s Take On Nairobi Diaries Is What We Have Always Thought

Nairobi Diaries Season 7 is liiit. I mean these women are going all the way from Sicho, Bridget, and Sasha being victims of their little fights.

Over the seasons, we have experienced all kinds of accents from the likes of Molly but there is one self-proclaimed queen by the name Sasha who has continuously insulted the queen’s language. Sicho is no better and Nyota Ndogo could not help but notice this. She took to her Instagram and said:

“If you think my English is poor, just watch Nairobi diaries. It gives me hope. Thank me later.”

We all think the same, sometimes listening to these women makes you want to weep.

“Buy Us A Beautiful Home And Get Me A Lexus, To Prove Your Love For Me” Nazlin Umar To Aden Duale

Even the tough talking Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale can be a romantic according to They have a ‘pillow talk’ audio recording featuring Aden Duale and Umar Nazlin.

The 10-minute recording reveals that the two lovebirds were in an intense three-year affair, which the bombshell wanted to end due to that not-so-small matter of Duale not spending quality time with her.

Duale, a Muslim, is allowed to marry up to four women. Nazlin, a mother of four, is single. Her ex-hubby, Mohammed Haroon Khan, succumbed to cancer in January 2017.

In the steamy recording, Duale pleads with Nazlin, making her swear she loves him while beseeching her to reconsider ending their affair with promises of getting her anything she wants.

Below is an excerpt of their conversation:

Aden Duale: How are you my love?

Nazlin Umar: Asalaam Aleikum.

Duale: Si you would love to hear my voice…. Sema?

Nazlin: Ummh.

Duale: I have asked you if you still love me and you said yes, so I had to call and confirm that. Baby, I love you. Do you love me?

Nazlin: (sexily) Adeeeen!

Duale: Do you love me? I am asking you a question.

Nazlin: I have answered you… just tore me into pieces.

Duale: I am asking, do you love me?

Nazlin: You didn’t even listen to my audios. There is so much hurt.

Duale: No, you know I told you I’m very sorry and I have a problem with my phone. I can’t hear any audio.

Nazlin: But last week you heard them...

Duale: No, No, No. I don’t know what happened. I can’t even …even if I go to... even uhhh some of the things on YouTube. I can’t listen to them. The voice is not there (sic), the pictures are there. So do you love me?

Nazlin: Adaaan!

Duale: Do you love me? Yes or No! Then I will ask you another question.

Nazlin: Uhhhhhhh, regardless of everything?

Duale: No, no nooooo! You love me?

Nazlin: (Sighs) Yes!

Duale: I can’t hear you my baby, do you love me?

Nazlin: Yes.

Duale: How much do you love me?

Nazlin: Adaaan!

Duale: where are you, at home?

Nazlin: Mmmmmmh.

Duale: You know I had to step out of a meeting, just to go to my office to call you. You know at time I want to call you but I can’t talk to you when I’m with my drivers, my bodyguards and all.

Nazlin: No, no! I can’t hear these excuses anymore. You, you…

Duale: No, no, no am just saying…. whether you accept or not, it’s not different, but I cannot talk to you the way I want to talk to you when I’m with people….in my car. So do you love me? Do you love me, seriously?

Nazlin: Mmmmmmh, yes Adan. Three years Adan, haven’t you seen that?

Duale: I love you so much. And I will do anything for you. Tell me what do I do for you to prove that I love you. Today. Tell me!

Nazlin: When I say…

Duale: (Interjects) what do you want me to do to show you that I love you too?

Nazlin: Adan, there are so many things…

Duale: Just tell me one or two.

Nazlin: I don’t know what to say, I don’t feel we are all that close anymore.

Duale: No, no, no, no! Just tell me what I should do to show you that I love you?

Nazlin: Uuhhhhh...

Duale: Because me I love you and I want to show you that I do (sic).

Nazlin: (In a sexy tone) Honeeey…!

Duale: Now what is wrong with you, what is wrong with you my dear?

Nazlin: I don’t know…

Duale: What do I do for you, to show that this guy loves you?

Nazlin: I only want to undo all the wrong...

Duale: Tell me how do I undo that? I’m ready because I love you and if I have wronged you, I have apologized. I am very sorry, I’m very sorry.

Nazlin: I want to hear it in your voice. You are going all over the country doing nothing and you have left me abandoned like this in so much pain.

Duale: No, no, no! I love you, I love you and that is why I say it.

Nazlin: But why don’t you show it?

Duale: How do you want me to show it my love?

Nazlin: Even after the fault, you know, why would you want to be part of me for a second?

Duale: No, no! Just tell me. I love you and I asked what do I do for you? One thing you have to agree, last week I had a hectic time in Parliament with all those election laws and all that.

Nazlin: I am healing on my own Adan. I am without you (starts crying).

Duale:  (Interjects) My dear, my dear, my dear, you understand my position. I just came to a car park. I’m a national figure, I am known and I don’t want… know?

Nazlin: Adan, Adan, your bodyguards are your confidants.

Duale: No, they are not! You know it.

Nazlin: Okay, buy us a beautiful home!

Duale: You know what? Eeh, you know what? Let me tell you...

Nazlin: There’s no other way.

Duale: All my political life, I have had a personal space between my bodyguards and drivers. You know that. Even you wouldn’t allow me to have bodyguards who are... whatever you do they see. Yeah, my dear you must understand.

Nazlin: Yeah, but something like this for us now? How is it going to work?

Duale: Yeah.

Nazlin: . Ok, buy us a beautiful home, listen… buy us a beautiful home! Our home.

Duale: (Doubtful silence, voice fading, replies in a whisper) Yeah!

Nazlin: By now with all that pampering, you could have parked a Lexus outside my door and said, Nazlin, that’s for you, just to make you feel you belong to Aden Duale. Whatever you do...

Duale: (Love has faded from the voice, he weakly replies) No...eehhmm.. OK! Let me look for some little money. How do I deliver it to you?

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