[‘BATTLE OF THE LIGHTSKINS’] Kaligraph Jones Disses Vera Sidika

Khaligraph Jones has faced the wrath on KOT for the last few days after being trolled for bleaching his skin.

Jones first appeared on TV with his ‘light-skinned’ self after which he explained away as an effect of “drinking clean water, face scrubbing and avoiding being burned by the sun.”

Well, socialite Vera Sidika has gotten herself in a horrible mess by instigating beef with Khaligraph.

Sidika who seemed to be disgusted by the fact that Papa Jones followed her footsteps mocked the rapper saying that bleaching is for women.

This is what she said:

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[VIDEO]Popular Fashion Blogger Silvia Njoki Explains Why She Cut Her 5-Years Locks

Silvia Njoki is a renowned Kenyan fashion stylist and blogger, who lives and works in Nairobi, and the creator and inspirational manager of the blog STYLE by SILVIA.

The beau has been rocking some awesome dreads, which she has finally decided to cut off.

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Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Are In Love With The Gym

Most people are comfortable in their bodies and do not realize that they are hurting themselves. We are constantly reminded to keep fit by either going to the gym or eating right.

Some Kenyan female celebrities’ have made the gym their bae and look so ravishing. These are women who take time from their busy schedules to work out.

Check them out below:

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28-Year Old Hacker Alex Mutungi Mutuku Giving Firms A Run For Their Money

A 28-year-old man has been charged with hacking Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) systems and causing the loss of about Sh4 billion. Alex Mutungi Mutuku did not plead to the charge because cyber crime officers asked that he be detained to give them more time to conduct their investigations and arrest other suspects. Investigations indicate that Mutuku's operation had connections to a deep-rooted syndicate with connections outside the country.

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No One Could Keep Up With Rihanna at the Met Gala

Did you think Rihanna was not going to outdo everyone at the Met Gala? Do you even remember the gorgeous yellow monstrosity she wore in 2015? The fashion icon and Bates Motel star hit the red carpet on Monday night in a colorful architectural dress that had piñatas everywhere shaking in their papier Mache boots.

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Kiss Daniel Reveals The Kind Of Girl That Tickles Him

‘I love girls who twerk, but this is this the type of woman I will marry’

Nigerian singer, Kiss Daniel who made a major debut after releasing his hit single ‘Woju’ has opened up on his type of women.

The singer revealed that despite his love for ladies who twerk he will not be marrying one.

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[HILARIOUS]The Dresses You Order Vs. What The Tailor Delivers

Ladies….this one is for you. So, you are browsing the internet or watching some red carpet shows and you come across a dress that you like. Then you decide to visit your favorite local tailor, No….designer to replicate the design. You pay and cannot wait for the dress to be completed. The day finally comes and you go pick your dress……Oh wait, this is not what I asked for and now the material is wasted, money is wasted and all you can do is curse the tailor and go with your not so perfect dress home…

Below are a few pictures of some designs that did not live up to the expectation:

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Barrack Obama’s Credit Card Rejected During A Lunch Date With Michelle

Barack Obama may be free from the hassles and pressures that come with being the most powerful man in the world, but he certainly cannot escape the paparazzi.

The couple has been seen quietly walking in New York City just after the vacay as hundreds of cheering Americans waited outside to catch a glimpse of the former POTUS.

During one of his many dates with Michelle, at a local Big Apple eatery, Obama was ready to pay for the meal they shared.

He gave the waitress his credit card, only for the lady to come back to him saying the card was declined.

Say what now??!!

Obama revealed the embarrassing moment speaking at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – while he was still POTUS - signing a new order calling for tighter debit card security and enhanced federal measures to protect victims of identity theft.

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