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Jay-Z and Hakeem biologically related

Jay Z Confirms Hakeem from ‘Empire’ Is Biological Son

DNA analysis have been released confirming that Bryshere Y. Gray who plays Hakeem Lyon in the famous hit show Empire is actually the biological son of rap mogul Jay-Z.

The news didn’t feature as too much of a surprise to many as the rapper’s dalliances are well accounted for. However, it does raise the suspicion as whether or not Bryshere will inherit “The Rock” from his estranged father.

Jay-Z also proudly acknowledged that he is infact ‘Hakeem’s’ father saying:

“Yea that’s Blue Ivy’s big brother, can’t you tell that’s my genes that gave him his skills. I am proud of my son I might sign him to Roc Nation if it makes sense.

Jay-Z is proudly the biological father of Hakeem.

Jay-Z proudly confirms to be the biological father of Bryshere Gray who plays Hakeem Lyon in the famous hit show Empire

Bryshere’s mother “Donut” Shannon Bryshere was among Jay-Z’s “ghetto flowers” back in the day when he was selling drug to make it in his musical career. The two separated after “Donut” took the fall for Jay-Z for a drug charge to keep him from going to jail.

What a coincindence, Bryshe re’s biological parents’ story is just similar to “Hakeem’s” parent’s backgroung story in Empire.

Little did Shannon know that at the time she was pregnant with Jay-Z’s child.

Now Bryshere is rightfully in the picture to inherit his father’s empire. However, does Bryshere have what it takes to lead Roc Nation or with his youthful arrogance get in the way?

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