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Janet Mbugua Speaks About Not Wearing A Bra On Her Wedding Day

Former TV siren Janet Mbugua held an invites only wedding at Chaka Ranch a few years ago that got people talking. This was because as usual Kenyans notice the negative details first and they noticed that Janet did not have a bra on her wedding.

In a warm reply, Janet said that she did not do a bra though she had cup holders on. She went ahead and said that she was pregnant and that there was so much that she could not consider around her pregnancy.

aisle Janet

“I had those…what do you call them? Cup holders, it’s like there is barely any balance!”

“Again I didn’t care because I was pregnant. Even my hair had to be a certain way because I couldn’t retouch it because you can’t retouch it when you are in the early stages of pregnancy. There were so many things I had to consider around my pregnancy that I was like, ‘I know it looks a bit funny, but it’s all right my child has to be healthy.” Janet Mbugua revealed.

The sassy former news anchor and mother of one also commented on the effect of the trolls saying that they did not affect her a lot. She said:

“Trolling doesn’t do that much to me because. I just feel like you are just projecting stuff that you feel about yourself on me. I feel that when you come at me it’s not really about me, I think it’s something you are dealing with.”

This is why people shouldn’t be quick to judge since they do not know the whole story.

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