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Vera Sidika Business Laid Out Including An 8 - Month Abortion After Attacking Hamisa

The beef between Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto seems to have affected certain people and now Vera Sidika is caught in the crossfire.

A popular Tanzanian Mange Kimambi took it upon herself to reveal some of Vera’s dark past encounters. I must warn you that some of the words used here will leave you in awe but the story is juiiiicccyyy…..

This is what she had to say:


Before you talk about Hamisa’s Kids why don’t you tell us what happened to yours and who the baby was?? You baby killer you gonna burn in hell for murdering a full term baby just so you can keep being a whore. Vera we demand you tell us today what happened to this full term baby and who your baby daddy was??

Now let me tell you a story about this mid aged prostitute…. You see how she out here bad mouthing Hamisa about Diamond. Well guess what?, Vera Siddika herself fucked Diamond in 2013 at Hyatt hotel in Dar es Salaam, that was her very first trip to Dar, she was there to meet with a local sponsor. Ndo maana alikuwaga anamrushia Zari madongo kipindi flani. She was in Dar kuonana na kigogo, kabla kigogo hajafika she invited Diamond to the room and fucked the little boy senseless. And after that she was complaining to her friends kuwa Diamond has the tiniest dick she has ever seen ,Yap, she was laughing and yapping about how small he was , but today she besties with Zari, I bet you didn’t tell Zari you fucked him already and what you really think about the size of her ‘hubby’ dick!!!  Yani Vera na Diamond wanajua sanaaaa more than Zari knows!!! Lol

Have you guys noticed that all these whores that keep coming out of the woodworks to attack Hamisa either they were fucked by Diamond or their siblings were fucked by Diamond. It’s almost like they just envy her!! Lol!

Just how many pussies does Vera Siddika have?? Just one like the rest of us?? If she has only 1 does anyone know the condition of her pussy? I mean one pussy receiving all this dicking I can’t imagine the pussy walls not being severely damaged or her pussy lips not dangling between her legs from overuse !!! I swear this woman is the mother whore herself! Out here pretending to be Zari’s bestie while fucking Zari’s bestie’s hubby @ginimbi. Just looking at Ginimbi’s photos he is really her type, a man with no legit business but somehow has money to throw around, just a shady character like Vera herself!

Stop talking about how many kids or baby dadddies another woman has when you keep murdering yours, did Hamisa tell you to kill yours? Why come for her then? At least she has 2 beautiful kids to show for what she has been through what do you have other than a diseased distorted skin from all the chemicals you have to apply everyday to maintain that Michael Jackson complexion and a pussy as wide as the ocean from all the dicking you endure so you can maintain that fake instagram lifestyle??

Ati you talking about Hamisa having 2 baby daddies, why you throwing shade at your bestie? how many baby daddies does Zari have? unless you meant to tell us all her kids are Ivan’s kids. Spill the beans whore. Vera there are 2 reasons why you don’t have any baby daddies to this day, 1. You are a cold blooded killer that ended a pregnancy at 8 months. 2. No man wants to cum in your pussy and make babies with you, they all pull out and spray it on your Michael Jackson looking face. That’s what you deserve you dirty whore, cum on your face, your hair, anywhere but inside your used and abused Vagina. Your ex told me he had to pull out and cum on your hair every single time because he was not sure what a baby with you would look like since your have altered so much of yourself that he feared maybe your genes got altered too

The audacity to call Hamisa a side chick when you are a career whore with over 20 years of work experience . I swear Vera you funny.

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