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Woman Claims ‘Spirits’ Attacked Her For A Dress She Bought From Mali Kwa Mali

A woman claims he had an encounter with a spirit after buying a blue rob from a mali kwa mali trader.

Susan Achieng, a resident of Kayole told The Nairobian she had trouble sleeping after buying the dress. She claims the owner of the dress, a woman who had died, kept coming to demand her dress.

“I bought the address from a mali kwa mali vendor who had come to collect some of my old.”

I  grabbed it not knowing I had carried misfortunes into my family,” she told The Nairobian, adding, “When I wore it for the first time, I was almost knocked by a motorbike while crossing Juja Road. I thought it was a normal accident.”

A month later, Achieng’s nights turned horrific. She kept having these dreams and experiencing nightmares.

At times, the spirits called her name and ordered her to return the dress. They would even strangle her. She had to seek divine intervention.

A pastor who prayed for Achieng told The Nairobian that, “She came for help. She had no hope.

I tossed the dress in fire before offering prayers. That’s how she was rescued from the chains,” said Pastor Kimani Jacob of Power of God Church.

Pastor Kimani claims the cloth might be for a person who died out of witchcraft. Anyone who touches the cloth would be haunted.

Most families give clothes belonging to their dead relatives to mali kwa mali hawkers. These end up in the hands of other people who innocently buy the clothes oblivious of the fact that they belonged to the dead.

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