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Water At Rio’s Olympics Diving Pool Mysteriously Turned Green

The water at Rio's Olympics 2016 diving pool inexplicably turned green on Tuesday, August 9.

The water, which was a clear light blue for the men’s diving events on Monday, August 8, transitioned into a murky shade of green by Tuesday when female Olympians were set to compete.

However, the green water did not stop China’sChen Ruolin and Liu Huixia from winning gold on Tuesday, Olympic organizers, the media and even Olympians are perturbed by the unaccountable change in color. 

Water At Rio’s Olympics Diving Pool Mysteriously Turned Green


Many have hypothesized that the cause for the water turning green is due to an increase in algae, which can often happen when a pool is not treated with an adequate amount of chlorine.

Despite the discoloration, event organizers said that the water was completely safe to swim in. "The water quality at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre was tested and there were no risks for the athletes. We are investigating the cause," the Olympic Committee stated on Tuesday.





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