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Windows 10 Features and Review

Windows 10 Is Ready For Download

If you own an up to date windows 7 or Win 8 PC, you may have already noticed the windows 10 introduction app on the notification panel located on the bottom left side of your screen. Microsoft pushed this app into pcs a while back to make sure that its clients are aware of the pending windows 10 release and ask them to reserve the new version of windows for their computers. The good news is that you will be able to download the new version of windows to your computer starting today.

According to Microsoft, the new windows version will be rolled out in phases to qualifying PCs around the world. If you are one of the qualifying users (those who had registered for the upgrade), you may already have the full installable version of windows 10 in your pc. Please check C:\$windows.~BT to see if your upgrade has been upgraded. However, you will only be able to upgrade to windows 10 at midnight on 29 July 2015 after Microsoft activates the new windows version.

win10 windows startscreenMicrosoft says that Win 10 will be the best and most personal windows yet!

Here are some features to expect from windows 10

1. A Resurrected  Start Menu

Most windows 8 users complained about the absence of the start menu in the hugely unsuccessful version of windows. Microsoft listened to this in its aim to try to boost windows 8 sales and popularity by releasing windows 8.1, which contained a start menu, and some bug fixes. The software giant continued this trend in its latest release by making sure that windows 10 boots to the more familiar windows 7 desktop, and start page, instead of the app page like windows 8.

2. Removed The Annoying Hot Corners

Navigating around windows 8 was a nightmare. Windows 10 has removed the irritating hot corners from windows 8 that made you want to scream every time you tried to access them pc settings, or start key. Instead, windows 10 uses a new action center for app notification and from where you can easily access computer settings.

3. Multitask With Ease

Microsoft has designed windows 10 with multitasking in mind. You can now reduce any app to half-screen-mode by dragging it to the edge of the screen. In touch devices, you can swap from the side of the window to reveal all the open apps and easily snap two of those apps to open alongside each other.

4. The Not So New Edge (Internet Explorer) Browser

The new browser in windows 10 is called Edge. Despite the new name, the browser is a lot like internet explorer. It even has the same logo as internet explorer in order to retain the old look that most windows users are familiar with. Moreover, it lacks most of the features that modern browsers currently have. For instance, opening tabs into new windows is a bit messy and downloads will start automatically without letting you chose where to store them.

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