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There Is A New App To Protect Your Embarrassing Drunk Messages

Drunk texts could be banished for good thanks to a new app that allows you to recall messages you would probably live to regret.

Protect Your Privates allows you to delete messages you wish you had not sent and the text is miraculously removed from the server, saving you from any embarrassment the morning after.

However, there is a catch – you need to act quickly as the recipient cannot have read it yet.

Of course, the only hitch is that anyone you might drunkenly text must also have the app, and it cannot help you with messages you send via other means.

There Is A New App To Protect Your Embarrassing Drunk Messages


The software also helps protect your privacy by stopping people from taking screenshots of any messages, photos, or videos that you send.

If anyone does try to make a copy, the app will give you a warning to let you know.

Any unread messages you send will also self-destruct after a certain period of time, depending on whether you class them as ‘mild’, ‘wild’ or ‘insane’.

Messages that you mark as ‘mild’ will be automatically deleted in 24 hours, those marked as ‘wild’ in 12 hours and any you think are insane will be gone in three hours.

Another quirky feature means that you can choose to add a protected layer of security when you send your messages. This means the recipient has to put his or her face in front of the camera before they can read the contents.

The Privates team says their safety measures are to prevent private messages ‘spreading all over the internet.’ They say it lets you communicate privately without worrying about hackers or screenshots.



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