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Apple's New Wireless Headphone Design Throws Apple Lovers on a Spin

Apple's New Wireless Headphone Design Gives Apple Lovers A Headache!

Over the last few years, we have come to learn of the fact that Apple is one of those companies that loves to make money by selling expensive accessories to its of clients.

From previous apple product launches, we have come to expect three things:

Firstly, Apple’s CEO will announce some new features in their phones and products. Secondly, they will announce any new products that they want to launch in the market that year. Finally, the CEO will announce that they would be dropping a number of features in their products that people absolutely need and replace it with an accessory for those who would still need to use the ‘obsolete’ feature that they have dropped in the new Apple product.

Well, this year’s launch was no different.

During apple’s event to launch the iPhone 7, apple announced some new changes to the phone. These changes include making a phone that was completely water resistant, adding a duo camera system like that found in Huawei phones and other android devices, and release a phone that has a larger selection of colours.

But what really caught the attention of most Apple lovers was the announcement that the new phone would not come with an audio jack, but will instead rely on wireless (Bluetooth) headphones . Apple called these headphones Airpods.

According to apple, this was a revolutionary new step.

Some apple lovers were (understandably) upset by this change because they thought that the Airpods would be too easy to misplace.

And as always, apple had a ‘solution’ in the form of an accessory that you have to pay $10 dollars for.

Pretty ridiculous, don't you think?!

This cable is pictured below!


Airpod holders that Apple users may have to buy to secure their wireless headphones

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