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Kenya’s Own Nick Mutuma Trolled On Twitter For An Alleged Sexual Harassment

Today, one Twitter user exposed the one and only Nick Mutuma for what is being concluded as sexual harassment case. The Twitter User Koome Gitobu took to the social media platform to expose what was an incident that took place at the Ameru festival last year.

According to what he wrote, Koome had finished shooting the festival and his team decided to celebrate by having a few drinks and dinner. He was tired from the job and so he left his girlfriend with some friends.

Nick Mutuma then joined the table the girls were seated at and begun hitting on Koome’s girlfriend. He tried talking to her and wanted her to go back to his room that night but the girl kept refusing. Mutuma kept insisting and even got aggressive. The girl left after that but Mutuma followed her when she decided to leave to a cab she had called earlier. Nick Mutuma tried putting in more effort in convincing the girl but she was not interested. This is when Koome said Mutuma got physical and tried to grab the girl to take her to his room.

The girl wrestled him until her friends came out to the parking lot. When Mutuma saw her friends she let go but squeezed her butt telling her she liked her body. The girl got agitated by that act and let her anger show. She begun lashing out and screamed at Mutuma causing a scene in the parking lot. She finally got into the cab and left for her room.

The girl never mentioned the incident until her boyfriend Koome showed her a screenshot on another assault that involved Mutuma.

Nick one

She was scared at first according to his boyfriend because she feared that Mutuma would destroy their lives with all his influence. The girl was afraid that if Nick Mutuma did find out about this he would use his ‘bigwig’ status to come after her or her boyfriend. Koome Gitobu went on to describe how this incident was only one among the many that are still going on online. He tweeted that, “And I think this is what has me the most upset. That people like Nick Mutuma can sexually harass girls and get away with it. Because they are so afraid to speak up against a “bigwig” in society. Afraid that him & his friends can come after her and destroy her reputation.”

Check out the thread below:

Nick 2

Nick three

Well, personally I have always been a big fan of Nick Mutuma but if this is true then it’s sooo wrong on every level.

Nick Mutuma has not come out yet to speak on the issue though. 

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